who's behind this?

we're two sisters in our early 20s. we started late night epiphanies randomly in 2022, but it quickly turned into a community where the goal is simple: feel better and get out of our heads.

we think feeling better can seem hard, but doesn't have to be. it can actually be simple and not that serious.

we love connecting, words, being vulnerable, having epiphanies, and making life fun. we overthink a lot, feel sad often, feel scared, and question our choices. we also feel happy and fulfilled. and we have nothing figured out.

all we really know is we love LNE. so we're going to keep doing this, in the hope that even just 1 person relates, connects, or gets out of their head because of it.

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some fun facts about us

  • we have no other siblings so it's just us 2
  • we're sisters but also best friends and roomates
  • we go out together most weekends
  • we share a lot of friends
  • my sister's favorite band is the 1975 and now it's one of mine too
  • my biggest fear are moths i am irrationally scared of them
  • our favorite childhood movie is new york minute and we're both a mix of roxy and jane
  • we're really similar it's scary
  • it's one of our biggest strengths w LNE but also why we clash sometimes
  • our favorite activity to do together is tiktok time lol
  • 2nd favorite is going to the beach
  • 3rd is dinner and drinks
  • our dream is to keep doing LNE for as long as possible
  • we're in our 20s and people weren't lying when they said your 20s are really scary and confusing!!! but they're also fun and exciting. anyway if you're reading this we're happy you're here